Bosnian Pyramids are phenomenon which is subject of discussion more and more and which still divides not only scientists.  Part of the scientists is even with exact proves that we speak here about artificially created formations, means by a civilization, they still speak about formations crated naturally.

During last few years, when I am more involved in personal development, I have learned to trust mainly my own experience and feelings. Means to trust my own experiences about what is True for me, in my inner world.

That´s why – when I got the information about pyramids in Bosnia – I decided to go there, to see on my own eyes and feel on my own experience.

We put together the group of 7 people with the same attitude to do our own investigations and experience. And this was the start of our first one week trip to Bosnian Pyramids.

Let´s go out with us to this investigation tour. At the moment to this virtual one. And maybe it will become the part of your real journey to your Inner Truth not only about the pyramids but about your real base, purpose and world around us.

What you can find here are our experiences, our stories, what we discovered here for us. If something from this resonate with you, we will be happy if you come to us to experience on your own if what we speak about is in line with your journey. The decision if you go out on this way or not is fully yours. There is no bed decision as every journey will lead you to discover your inner world yourself. The only need is to listen and follow…